Monday, December 9, 2013

An update & a few random show-&-tell items.

Life this time of year has been flying past me.  I have had a ton of orders for bracelets this holiday season, kids that have been sick, Christmas shopping of course and a husband that is heading out of town & leaving me with 3 little girls & then comes home and the next day goes into surgery on his shoulder.  It may be a struggle of a month for me here on out as I frantically finish orders & taking care of 3 toddlers on my own, but I have a lot of refashion projects that have been waiting to get done!  I have boots to paint, an awesome necklace refashion, a painted (yes painted) skirt that I have been dying to attempt & as always, some shoe projects & sewing projects.  After the new year when everything returns to semi-normal, I will be back with these projects.  For now, I thought I would share a few random things, like my jewelry station.

I made this jewelry station a while ago & I absolutely LOVE having everything out & collected together.  The earring holders are just thrift picture frames painted black with burlap glued & stapled to the back.  The bracelet holder is dowel rods on screwed in hooks.  The snap ones go in the center for easy on & off.  Necklaces on screw hooks & this mirror was a thrift find for $5. 

This whole station is set up in my closet behind the door.  It is all right there as I get my clothes on & makes for easy, quick throw on.  I do need to expand on it & will get to that in the new year.

Another thing I just did was I cut my hair & had red peek-a-boo chunks put in.

I love it so much!  I needed a change, but my husband likes my hair longer (still cut off about 4-5"), so a funky color was in order.  Here is a close up.

I worried about my husband hating it, but I think he agrees that it works for me & my style.... But not his thing at all.

The necklace in the picture above was a glorious find at the hair salon for a steal at $12.

Here I paired it with a second necklace to give the chain around the neck more of  a substantial look.  If I haven't said it before, I am OBSESSED with triangles!  Even my wedding ring is a triangle diamond.

And the last total random thing, I added some Peacock & Leopard ornaments to my Christmas tree this year.

I hope your holidays are Merry & Bright!  Now to finish all of these gorgeous bracelet orders before my husband leaves this week (and of course get some made for my own little girls for Christmas to match the outfits they are getting) and enjoy this season with my girls!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.