Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fedora Hats

Can we talk hats?  This is an accessory that I know people are somewhat scared of.  When my husband and I were first married, he let me know that hats were not his favorite in general, but that they also weren't his favorite on me.  Me being the loving, supportive wife that I am, told him that I would wear them if I wanted to ;-) (I didn't say who I was supportive of.... a girl can be supportive of herself!)

 But when you don't like to wash your hair every day and you have to have a daughter at school at 8:30 am and it is almost 30 minutes away, hats quickly become your best friend!

I had been wanting to try out some new hats and decided to get on eBay to see what I could find for cheap before I committed lots of money to something I wasn't sure I would like..... I got on and found these for a whole whopping $3 each!  They were a steal and I couldn't decide on the color, so I bought 2.

Here is my first outfit with the darker hat.

 I paired it with a rust colored Mak cardigan that can be purchased here, a textured wheat colored wrap shirt that I bought in Mexico, dark skinny jeans from Forever 21 and my comfy slip on gold flats.

 I do like how it all works together with my hair being really full here.  The hats don't look quite as great when my hair is flatter as you will see in the next outfit.

In this outfit I am sporting the lighter tan hat.  I chose to pair it with my all brown leopard tank, long sleeve V-neck wheat shirt, my brown corduroy jacket, dark skinnies again that are from Forever 21 ( I seriously LOVE their skinny jeans, if you haven't bought any, I highly recommend them!  They are only approximately $10 and are stretchy and oh so comfy).  These boots are from Zulily and my boot cuffs once again.

 and can I just say how happy I am that I chose to keep this necklace!  I really do wish that I could get these beads to make it for other people because it is SUCH a staple for me, but they have not gotten anymore of them in any where, so I will continue the hunt.... but I do have a similar one for sale here that would make a great staple piece!

But you can see how my hair is more flat in these second pictures and the hat doesn't work quite as well, but I do still really love these hats and feel like they take me out of the box that much more... and I do love being outside of the box when it comes to fashion ;-)  So tell me, do you love hats?  Are you willing to try them out?  I think it is worth $3 to see if you could pull this look off.  I am sure glad that I tried it out and now I am hooked!

Happy Hat Fashion Everyone!

Lindsi Jo

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Changes Being Made

I just wanted to say Thank You to those of you who have supported me and for those that purchased jewelry during our Black Friday Sale and this past year.  The Support of all of you means more to me than you will ever know!  The past few weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking and reevaluation of the past year with this business and I have come to the conclusion that some changes need to be made.  Prices being raised is the first change that will be happening the first of the year. 

This past year I have spent a lot of time on trying to build this business and wanting to offer as many options at amazing prices, but the truth is, I have been running myself ragged with VERY little pay.  There is a lot of time not only spent on creating the product, but in the shopping, designing, creating, pictures, listing items and packaging.  I have been so focused on trying to create a great product that is affordable to all and offering BIG sales to give everyone the opportunity to afford product, but the bottom line is, I haven't hardly made any money and it is time that I value my time, my abilities and my family.  I am looking to give a facelift to the business and the blog and to really try and focus more on the quality of everything that I am sharing.  I have been trying to compete with box store prices, but I am not offering box store product.  These jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind (for the most part) which means that I go through the designing process from scratch every time and there is a lot of trial and error to create the perfect end piece that you see listed.

 I am excited about the vision that I have for Peacocks and Leopards and this upcoming year and I hope that you choose to stick around to see what is created.

With Thanks and Love

Lindsi Jo

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Sale

I hope everyone is ready for their Black Friday shopping!  Peacocks and Leopards Custom Jewelry Design by Lindsi Jo is having a great sale that will be going on Friday, Nov 28 through Monday, Dec 1.  Remember that each of the pieces (excluding a few) are one-of-a-kind and will not be able to be replicated, so make sure to jump on and grab your favorites before someone else does.  Here is the link to head over to my Etsy Shop.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm actually wearing a dress!

 This is just a quick post to show my outfit from this past Sunday and that I was actually wearing a DRESS!  I have been married for 12 1/2 years and my husband has always wanted me to wear dresses..... BUT, I am just not much of a dress person.  I am super picky with dresses and I am not a fan of my outfit not being broken up, so I just don't buy many.  I do own 3 long maxi dresses that I am sure I will share on here at some point, and then I own this fun giraffe print short dress that I got from my sister.  She bought it to wear over her swimsuit and just wasn't her style, so she gave it to me and I thought it was too nice to use as a swim cover.  I have only worn it 2 or 3 times, but this has definitely been my favorite combo thus far.

 Almost everything I am wearing was thrifted in some way.  Dress from my sister, brown jacket from the thrift store, off white shirt from my sister LONG ago.  The opaque brown tights were from a friend, the boots were purchased off of my local FB YardSale page for a few bucks, gold metal cuff bracelet was a Forever 21 clearance find and the necklace was a super cheap find from a local boutique years ago and earrings (not pictured) were ones I have worn before, and made.
I need to work on building up my own jewelry creations in my personal collection, but from years past, I do have a lot of jewelry from other stores.

It has been a busy week for us, we I am heading to the mountains with my family to relax and get prepped up for the holidays next week and for the Black Friday Sale we will be having in my Etsy Shop.  Happy Weekend to you all!

Lindsi Jo

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mustard Yellow Skinnies and Leopard Cardi OOTD

    One of the nice things about sharing my outfits with everyone, is that I get to have photo documentation of my outfits.  The truth is, I usually can't remember what I even put together!  Every time I go to use an item in my closet, I won't be able to remember how I wore it last, so I usually have to create a totally new outfit... not sure if that is sad or funny, but I do have a lot of clothes and I do love mixing things up, but it is nice to see the pictures and recreate something if I really liked it.

BUT, onto the OOTD that I am sharing today.  I love this outfit and want to remember it to be able to wear it again in the future.
 These mustard skinny jeans are such a staple in my wardrobe!  If you remember, I wore them here in my business photo shoot.  They were a steal at Walmart for around $13.

  I have on a stretchy purple racer back tank underneath that was a cheap find at Ross for less than $5.  I have mentioned it before, but I think that every.single.wardrobe needs to have at least 1 good "white" button up shirt!  Since I don't wear stark white, I have a large variety of off white and wheat colored button up shirts and they get so much use.  I am actually thinking that I wouldn't mind getting even a few more.

 This leopard cardigan was also a steal at Gordman's early this year and was maybe $8.  The necklace is one that you will see a lot of (I have already shared it before and it will be shown many more times in the future I am sure), but it is such a staple in wardrobe already and gets worn a lot!  This was one of those pieces that when I finished making it, I couldn't put it down.  I knew that I had to keep it and I am so glad that I allowed myself that.  (I have the hardest time keeping items for myself because I love giving other people the opportunity to purchase my pieces, but this one I just HAD to keep.)

 The earrings were a very unique find at the Dressing Your Truth store back a year or 2 ago and are the perfect touch with certain outfits.

 My Tigers Eye bracelet that I wear a lot and love so much also.  I will be getting a similar one posted up in the Etsy Shop soon as this is a staple piece that all Rich wardrobes should have ;-)

 Something that I have heard a lot of is "where is your head in all of your pictures?".  I am fully aware that some people do not like seeing photos of headless people, but 1.) My mirror is not hanging up yet and I am too tall to get a good shot (especially when I wear my 5" heels) if I have to stand too far back and 2.) I feel really weird having my face floating around Pinterest land, but here is a photo of me crouched down to show that I do have a head ;-)

I was going out and wanted to have a scarf on hand in the FREEZING cold weather that has arrived this past week, so here is a purple scarf that I threw on when going out.  I will do a post on these scarves another day as I bought 3 in different colors and got them for DIRT cheap!

Something that I love about social media land is when people are REAL!  So here is my real.... this is usually what I am dealing with when I am trying to get some photos taken of the outfits... my 3 year old loves to come and hang on me.  She is SUCH a mama's girl and wants in my arms at all times, so I pretty much have to sneak to get these pictures taken.  THAT is my real life with my 3 little girls... it's a good thing they are so cute :-)

I hope that this outfit inspires you to try something new.

Leave your comments, I LOVE to hear from you!

Lindsi Jo

Friday, November 14, 2014

Red and Leopard Print Skirt OOTD

       One of my favorite color combinations is pairing red with animal print.  So here is a dressier OOTD that I wore last Sunday.

 I paired a stretchy animal print skirt (found on the YardSale FB page) with a red button up shirt from Express.  The brown stretch belt was a steal at Nordstrom Rack back a few years ago...

 and the shoes are the brand C Label and were a purchase from someone who bought them and they were too tall for her (5" heels) so she sold them to me for a deal.  This brand has lots of cute shoes at a really good price.
 Here is a bracelet that I made that works REALLY great with any kind of animal print with the Tiger's Eye stones.

 and the coordinating earrings to go with it.  I find that I wear these earrings a lot with dressier items and my large array of animal print I own.

If you haven't tried red with animal print yet, I highly recommend it!  I am sure I will be showing different outfits with this color combination.  How do you feel about animal prints?  I love them and love the way I feel in them!  But... I am fully aware that it is not for everyone ;-)

I hope everyone has fabulous Friday and stays warm!  It has started snowing where I am and it is COLD outside..... not too excited for the snow, but at least I get to wear my layers!

Happy Weekend
Lindsi Jo

Monday, November 10, 2014

Casual Orange OOTD

     In case you didn't know already, I am a mom to 3 little girls that are now 6, 4 and 3.  My 6 year old goes to a private school that is about 15 minutes away and my 4 year old is in a preschool closer to home and they go to school on the same days, so I am doing a ton of running back and forth on those 2 days, which often means that I am wanting a comfortable, casual outfit, but I want it to still be very stylish.  Last week, I came up with this outfit that I really quite loved!

 I paired this long, patterned top that I bought off of a local Yardsale FB page (I believe it was originally from Target), with this orange cardigan that was a fabulous find from Zulily for maybe $8, long sleeved brown undershirt (another FB Yardsale find).  The jeans were another Yardsale find that were featured in this post with the marker stitching.  The boots were another Zulily find (seriously, I have a Zulily addiction and had to ban myself from getting on there for a while!), but this style of boot is fairly common and here is a similar one on Overstock.  The boot cuffs are another custom make from the local girl.

 The necklace was a creation that I made about a month ago and just could not let it go.  I was so in love with it, that I decided that it was just going straight into my closet, and I am so glad that I did!  This gets a TON of use and seriously, I need to keep more of my own pieces!  I don't have hardly any necklaces of mine, so I need to collect more of them.

 So here is a confession about a lot of the earrings that I own of my own creations.... Wire earrings are a bit of a challenge to make, then when you have to recreate a second one to be the exact same, I have been known to finish the second earring, just to realize that one is bigger than the other... SO, I usually keep those that I "mess" up... sometimes I create them just for me, but some of them are pairs that didn't live up to my selling quality and this was one of those pairs.  One of the earrings was bigger than the other, but when on my ears away from each other, no one ever notices, but these area a fabulous rich, bright mustard yellow and are a great pair to have.

Now I am excited to share with you these cuffs.... and No I did not make them, but a friend of mine did.  My friend Cathy is an incredible artist in creating these leather cuffs.  I have 6 I believe and I often will pair 1 with one of my bracelets and I love the combination.  If you are interested in seeing more of her creations, you can contact her via email at  You will be seeing more of her amazing creations on my wrists in future posts ;-)

So there it is all together.  Some great colors for the fall and I love the layers.  This time of year is the because of I SO love my layers!  The more, the better for me :-)

Share your comments, I LOVE hearing you!

Lindsi Jo

Friday, November 7, 2014

Photo Collage Featuring Red, Brown and Gold Necklace and Bracelet

        Here is another addition that I will be sharing on here, a photo collage that will feature jewelry pieces that I designed and created and that are for sale in my Etsy shop.  This particular collage was created with items from my closet and shows a way that I personally would wear this jewelry (which does make it hard because I want to keep all of the items when I see how fabulous they go with my wardrobe!)....But... I love giving my customers a chance to snatch items first before I decide if I need it or not.... at least for the most part :-)

The outfit consists of an off white button up crinkle shirt from Old Navy that I gave a tea bath to.  The cropped red cardigan was a find at Target on clearance for $6 back last year.  This brown belt was a find at a local boutique, but any brown chunky belt would do.  The dark green leather-looking stretchy pencil skirt was a find online at & was one of there items for sale for a few days, it is fairly new and has only been worn once.... I look forward to showing it in future outfits.  Next to the jewelry pieces, the creme-de-la-creme of this outfit are these amazing shoes that I picked up on Zulily earlier this year, but I believe that you can purchase them here.

Here are some pictures of the jewelry up close.  I apologize for the quality of these pictures, between the lighting and reflectiveness of the gold on the jewelry, my phone was having issues getting a clear photo.

 The bracelet can be purchased here

 And the necklace can be purchased here.

As much as I would love to share the link for the earrings, they sold already and were definitely a harder one for me to send off as I loved them so much!  But there it all is.  I really hope that people benefit from these collages in both seeing what our jewelry pieces can be paired with, but also to give you some more inspiration in your own everyday wardrobe and to give you the confidence to try new things in your outfits!  Thanks for joining us today and we will see you next post.

Lindsi Jo

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fashion Posts are Back


I just couldn't stay away!  I felt it was time that I could actually take on both the fashion blog and still keep up with my jewelry business.... so yes, both will be incorporated here.  However, don't be expecting a ton of refashion tutorials.  I will still do some on occasion if I feel like it is something that I really want to do for myself, but refashioning is quite time consuming and I just don't have that kind of time on my hands.

What I WILL be sharing are Awesome outfit combos.... also known as "Outfit Of The Day" or OOTD.  I will share tips, give ideas and I will also be sharing some fashion collages that will be featuring Jewelry that is for sale in my Etsy Shop Here.  If I can figure out the electronics of it all, I may start doing some video tutorials on how to do various scarf ties since we are approaching the winter weather and I do love my scarves and layers this time of year!  If you have things that you would love for me to cover on here, please feel free to speak up and ask!  I love your comments and knowing that you are here with me and what it is that you enjoy!

So... to start us off , I will be sharing an OOTD with you.  The pictures are still from my phone and the lighting isn't always the best, but I do what I can do with what I have.  I hope to eventually be able to buy something nicer, but for now, this is what I have got. ;-)

 This particular outfit consists of a long sweater ( I think it was referred to as a sweater dress, but seriously, this is no dress as it clearly doesn't fully cover my hiney.... so long sweater is what I will call it.)  I believe this was an inexpensive purchase at a Ross back a few years ago.  Olive green jeggings were purchased online at for approximately $9.  Don't underestimate what you can get at the Mart.  The boots were a Zulily purchase last fall and the boot cuffs were made by a local girl that lives close to me and I had her custom make 4 different colored pairs.... those are a MUST have in my wardrobe, but I will do a post just on those alone one of these days.

 Now, with the scarves, I do fully realize that a lot of people out there don't do super great with scarves, and that is perfectly fine!  Surprisingly enough, I really love scarves and don't mind the bulk of them.  This particular combination is created with this GORGEOUS sparkly burnt orange scarf that I found at the Dressing Your Truth store on clearance back this summer and the plaid scarf that came with a shirt that I purchased from the Dressing Your Truth store back in the spring and really don't like it on the shirt, but loved the idea of tying the ends of the burnt orange scarf and creating an extra long infinity scarf that could be wrapped 3 times.  The long chain was a find at Forever 21 and if I wear this combo again, I will double the chain instead of wearing it super long... the long just didn't feel right for me.

This bracelet was a custom make by Yours Truly and it gets a lot of wear as this color combination is an absolute favorite of mine and I have a lot of clothes that go with it.

So there it is, a great combination to wear to run kids around to school that is comfortable, yet stylish, a must in a busy mom's life.  Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will see you at the next post!

Lindsi Jo

Monday, July 7, 2014

Jewelry Giveaways!

GIVEAWAYS!  If you haven't liked my business page on Facebook, head on over & like it.  When we reach 400 likes, I will be giving away one of my higher end handmade, hand wire wrapped pair of earrings,  And when we reach 500 Likes, I will be giving away a bracelet & earring set!  That is approximately a $45 value!  The link for my FB page is here.

So head on over, like my page & share the love!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Business Photo Shoot

 So the truth of the matter is, I haven't posted any fashion photos for a while on here.  There are 2 reasons for that.  1).  I have been quite busy with my jewelry business and taking care of 3 little girls (especially now that they are out of preschool), and 2). Let's face it, my phone snapshot pictures just weren't cutting it!  It is so hard to show how great an outfit really does look when you are trying to rig your phone to get a picture... and come on, I am not the most electronically savvy person there is.  But I have deep passion and love for amazing photography!  I cannot create it, but I LOVE seeing amazing photos!  SO my dear friend and I decided that it was time for me to get some beautiful photos done in some of my favorite clothes that represent me and some of my very own and one-of-a-kind jewelry creations.... SO, today I wanted to share those photos with you and share the AMAZING talent that my friend and photographer has!

It definitely shows that I am not afraid of color at all!  I love color and I love layering multiple colors to add a lot of depth.  For some people, it may be too much, but for me, it feels right and it shows ME!  Never be afraid to show who you are!

 Can I just say how much I LOVE these shoes!  They were a must have at Target a while ago and man I feel sexy when those things are zipped onto my foot.  It really is amazing how a pair of shoes can change a lot about how a woman feels ;-)

 I am never afraid to put myself out there.  I love the way this photo in the ivy turned out!  What you don't see is that there is a restaurant of people watching me as I manipulated myself to get these shots here.

Both of the outfits I chose, are made up of staple pieces for me.  LOVE my mustard pants, as well as my mustard cardigan (of course never worn together).  A favorite of mine is an off white button up shirt..... in about 5 different styles for different occasions.  And almost every outfit has to have a touch of Leopard print in it...... I can't even express how much I love having a wardrobe that coordinates with everything and the possibilities are endless, so it is fun to see the outfits that I put together to go with each of my bracelet or earring creations.

 And what outfit wouldn't be complete without a large pair of fabulous designer glasses ;-)  Totally kidding.... the only reason I have designer glasses is because my insurance pays for them.
 This was a pose I was insistent on and I am actually in love with how it turned out!

The amazing photographer that I get the privilege to thank for these shots is Jen Moon from Capture the Moon Photography.  You can follow her work on her website Here or over on her Facebook page Here, so if you are in the Utah area and are in need of an updated family photo, senior pictures or a fun photoshoot to update your business pictures, check her out and contact her.  I promise you will not regret it!  She is an absolute delight to work with and knows what she is doing!

NOW...... If I could only make all of my fashion posts look this amazing, I would be sharing my fashion ideas, refashions and jewelry designs more often! ;-)