Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mustard Yellow Skinnies and Leopard Cardi OOTD

    One of the nice things about sharing my outfits with everyone, is that I get to have photo documentation of my outfits.  The truth is, I usually can't remember what I even put together!  Every time I go to use an item in my closet, I won't be able to remember how I wore it last, so I usually have to create a totally new outfit... not sure if that is sad or funny, but I do have a lot of clothes and I do love mixing things up, but it is nice to see the pictures and recreate something if I really liked it.

BUT, onto the OOTD that I am sharing today.  I love this outfit and want to remember it to be able to wear it again in the future.
 These mustard skinny jeans are such a staple in my wardrobe!  If you remember, I wore them here in my business photo shoot.  They were a steal at Walmart for around $13.

  I have on a stretchy purple racer back tank underneath that was a cheap find at Ross for less than $5.  I have mentioned it before, but I think that every.single.wardrobe needs to have at least 1 good "white" button up shirt!  Since I don't wear stark white, I have a large variety of off white and wheat colored button up shirts and they get so much use.  I am actually thinking that I wouldn't mind getting even a few more.

 This leopard cardigan was also a steal at Gordman's early this year and was maybe $8.  The necklace is one that you will see a lot of (I have already shared it before and it will be shown many more times in the future I am sure), but it is such a staple in wardrobe already and gets worn a lot!  This was one of those pieces that when I finished making it, I couldn't put it down.  I knew that I had to keep it and I am so glad that I allowed myself that.  (I have the hardest time keeping items for myself because I love giving other people the opportunity to purchase my pieces, but this one I just HAD to keep.)

 The earrings were a very unique find at the Dressing Your Truth store back a year or 2 ago and are the perfect touch with certain outfits.

 My Tigers Eye bracelet that I wear a lot and love so much also.  I will be getting a similar one posted up in the Etsy Shop soon as this is a staple piece that all Rich wardrobes should have ;-)

 Something that I have heard a lot of is "where is your head in all of your pictures?".  I am fully aware that some people do not like seeing photos of headless people, but 1.) My mirror is not hanging up yet and I am too tall to get a good shot (especially when I wear my 5" heels) if I have to stand too far back and 2.) I feel really weird having my face floating around Pinterest land, but here is a photo of me crouched down to show that I do have a head ;-)

I was going out and wanted to have a scarf on hand in the FREEZING cold weather that has arrived this past week, so here is a purple scarf that I threw on when going out.  I will do a post on these scarves another day as I bought 3 in different colors and got them for DIRT cheap!

Something that I love about social media land is when people are REAL!  So here is my real.... this is usually what I am dealing with when I am trying to get some photos taken of the outfits... my 3 year old loves to come and hang on me.  She is SUCH a mama's girl and wants in my arms at all times, so I pretty much have to sneak to get these pictures taken.  THAT is my real life with my 3 little girls... it's a good thing they are so cute :-)

I hope that this outfit inspires you to try something new.

Leave your comments, I LOVE to hear from you!

Lindsi Jo

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