Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fashion Posts are Back


I just couldn't stay away!  I felt it was time that I could actually take on both the fashion blog and still keep up with my jewelry business.... so yes, both will be incorporated here.  However, don't be expecting a ton of refashion tutorials.  I will still do some on occasion if I feel like it is something that I really want to do for myself, but refashioning is quite time consuming and I just don't have that kind of time on my hands.

What I WILL be sharing are Awesome outfit combos.... also known as "Outfit Of The Day" or OOTD.  I will share tips, give ideas and I will also be sharing some fashion collages that will be featuring Jewelry that is for sale in my Etsy Shop Here.  If I can figure out the electronics of it all, I may start doing some video tutorials on how to do various scarf ties since we are approaching the winter weather and I do love my scarves and layers this time of year!  If you have things that you would love for me to cover on here, please feel free to speak up and ask!  I love your comments and knowing that you are here with me and what it is that you enjoy!

So... to start us off , I will be sharing an OOTD with you.  The pictures are still from my phone and the lighting isn't always the best, but I do what I can do with what I have.  I hope to eventually be able to buy something nicer, but for now, this is what I have got. ;-)

 This particular outfit consists of a long sweater ( I think it was referred to as a sweater dress, but seriously, this is no dress as it clearly doesn't fully cover my hiney.... so long sweater is what I will call it.)  I believe this was an inexpensive purchase at a Ross back a few years ago.  Olive green jeggings were purchased online at for approximately $9.  Don't underestimate what you can get at the Mart.  The boots were a Zulily purchase last fall and the boot cuffs were made by a local girl that lives close to me and I had her custom make 4 different colored pairs.... those are a MUST have in my wardrobe, but I will do a post just on those alone one of these days.

 Now, with the scarves, I do fully realize that a lot of people out there don't do super great with scarves, and that is perfectly fine!  Surprisingly enough, I really love scarves and don't mind the bulk of them.  This particular combination is created with this GORGEOUS sparkly burnt orange scarf that I found at the Dressing Your Truth store on clearance back this summer and the plaid scarf that came with a shirt that I purchased from the Dressing Your Truth store back in the spring and really don't like it on the shirt, but loved the idea of tying the ends of the burnt orange scarf and creating an extra long infinity scarf that could be wrapped 3 times.  The long chain was a find at Forever 21 and if I wear this combo again, I will double the chain instead of wearing it super long... the long just didn't feel right for me.

This bracelet was a custom make by Yours Truly and it gets a lot of wear as this color combination is an absolute favorite of mine and I have a lot of clothes that go with it.

So there it is, a great combination to wear to run kids around to school that is comfortable, yet stylish, a must in a busy mom's life.  Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will see you at the next post!

Lindsi Jo

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