Saturday, January 17, 2015

I Love My Body Diet Day 14

Day 14 of the I Love My Body Diet.  The exercise that is mentioned in this video is POWERFUL!  I was terrified to do it, but there is some serious power in facing your fears.... I have been doing that a LOT lately!  I mean seriously.... gotta love when the still picture of a video looks like that up there and it is posted on the internet for anyone to see ;-)  Such an amazing process.... again if you are interested, you can purchase it here.  If you need a better description of it, here is a better one that Jennifer share on Facebook.

"So I am going to write out a few bullet points of the ‪#‎ilovemybodydiet‬. If this still doesnt seem clear I would LOVE your feedback!
1: It consists of 2 major components
a: The I Love My Body Diet Workbook which is a compilation of 30 exercises that have an intention to each. They are organized in a way to take you through a very loving journey to release, become aware of, and own aspects of you.

Some of the exercises include---finding one of the main negative beliefs that is keeping you from loving your body i.e yourself, and replacing it with a very specific one word new belief that will be written for the whole 30 days. Living in our values instead of our fears. Casting out shame. Seeing yourself as God sees you. Apologizing to your body. Laughing!(todays exercise) and about 25 others... These exercises have purpose and are really to allow you freedom to move in them to experience what YOU need to in order to heal. There is a perfection to the order.
b: The 30 day private facebook group for each month. This is about using facebook specifically as a platform for us to get a group together and heal. Here we grow closer together as we experience deep healing. We are witnesses to one anothers growth in real time. It is a POWERFUL part of this program
-This is about decoding the negative energy around diets.
-It's about shifting from obsession of healthy body or image to allowing healthy body and loving our image NOW.
-Its for women that are ready to have MAJOR movement in their lives.
-It is about giving yourself permission to take the time for you and filling your reserves so you can continue your mission and be the best mom, wife, daughter, business woman you choose to be.
-It is about bringing to light those things that have been pushed deep within and are done with the hide and go seek game many have been playing for years.
-This is about LOVING THE HECK out of our bodies and seeing that they are part of us just as much as our spirits and that we are denying our Divinity by not allowing them to just BE or judging them so harshly. This may even be that last final straw that you are ready to get at and be clear and ready to move to more joyous experiences.
The other not so major but added bonus components are:
1: You will be given fun challenges to receive free one on one work from me
2: Added to the Alumni page that will bring every group from the months together in one space to continue growth and create eternal bonds. There will also be added bonuses and also new exercises to keep the energy of loving our bodies and ourselves greater.
It's $97.00 dollars. The time and energy that is put into this not only by me and the team but by you is equal to hundreds of hours. I have felt to keep at this price point so anyone and everyone who feels inspired to do it will be able to."

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