Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Casual dress to Pencil skirt

My sister gave me this casual cotton dress back a while ago.  
I wore it a few times, mainly as lounge clothes up at our cabin.  I felt frumpy in it, so I decided it was time to figure something out with it so I would enjoy wearing it.  I cut the top part completely off, turned it inside out & slipped it on as a skirt.  I then pinned down the sides to get it to form to my body to create a pencil skirt.  I may eventually do an elastic waist, but for now I left the top edges raw.  It is always under shirts or under a belt, so it's not a big deal right now.

I did want to show a new concept today with my item-outfit put together.  I wanted to show how you can take an inspiration picture, like this one I found on Pinterest.
The idea was really cute & different, but the black doesn't work for me.  So I took the inspiration & made it work for me
I used the skirt I made that is brown & cream small stripe, brown leggings & my cream sweater.  The original picture had a plain scarf, but I needed color & texture, so I made that the pop of my outfit.  Something I do often & love to do is put bracelects over my long sleeves.  I was excited to see this picture do that.
So, when you are searching Pinterest for your perfect style, maybe consider that pictures that you wouldn't pick for color purposes, have some great style ideas.  I look at pictures to see if there is anything at all that can inspire me & spark new ideas.  I love having a "challenge" to create my outfits.

In the future, look for more inspiration challenge posts.  It is a great way to step out of the box of what you would normally select to wear, and I am all about trying new things!

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