Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Muddy Dirty Dye

It has been a while since I posted.  Last week I was a bit under the weather with a cold & sinus problems, so I wasn't up to doing a lot, not to mention that red, raw noses don't make for great pictures. But I was able to get this FABULOUS jacket refashioned up a bit.
It is a great military jacket & fits me like a glove.

This was a great purchase off of my friend who it didn't work for after she went through Dressing Your Truth.  She knew it would be loved & appreciated by me ;-). 

This jacket just needed some dirtying, so I finally got the details down of my dirtying process to share with you all.
These are the 3 dyes that I use.  I call this my "Muddy Dirty Dye".  Most dirty recipes are yellow, this one is a great brown base that looks gorgeous on a dark denim.  I shared another denim refashion a while ago & I used this recipe on it.

Muddy Dirty Dye Recipe

28 cups boiling water
1/3 cup tan dye
2 T dark brown dye
2-3 T orange dye (less on lighter denim, more on darker denim)
1/2 cup salt.

Stir everything together.  Get your article of clothing completely wet before placing in the dye.
I always use a big plastic storage bin and I wear big rubber gloves while working on it. I place item in and move around for about 15 minutes.  I move it constantly & massage the fabric to make sure it takes the dye really good.  I wring it out & rinse it in cold water until the water runs pretty much clear (I do this process in my stainless steel kitchen sink).  Throw in the washing machine on a Handwash cycle on cold & lay dry or tumble dry on extra low heat so it doesn't get that hard, stiff feel that some jackets get when they have been laid out to dry.
You can see how great it looks with being more brown.
The side by side looks amazing.
I paired it here over my fab mustard sweater shirt, my new Walmart skinny jeans I got for $13, my everyday brown boots (you have seen a lot & will continue to see).  It is hard to see, but all of the jewelry are Lindsi originals ;-).  Happy Muddy Dirty dyeing!


  1. thanks for being such an awesome, crafty type blogger

  2. Wow! the side by side really shows the difference! It is so Type 3!!!! Love it

  3. Lindsi, this is awesome! Thanks for the great tutorial. Would you recommend this dye recipe for over dying other clothes, as well as jeans? I have a bunch of cotton clothes that would look more type 3 after a mud bath. :)

  4. Your recipe made my favorite jeans even better! Thank you!