Monday, January 20, 2014

The #1 Question I get asked!

So who can guess what the #1 question is that I get asked?  I literally get asked this question almost daily........... if you guessed "How do you do your hair?" you get a big cyber High Five!  I get messaged this question multiple times a week, so instead of typing it out over and over and over... I decided that a blog post was in order explaining it step by step so that I can just direct people to this page and say "I have a simple answer for you!"  No more typing it out and trying to explain it, this will be my last.
So here we go!
After I get out of the shower, I put my hair in a towel and get my make-up on. 
This picture shows the "I just took a towel off my head" look.  Now, I don't know if I am the only one, but because I have wavy hair and go multiple days without washing/brushing my hair, I can sometimes get a massive rats nest in my hair, especially right under where my neck is.

 so I take a brush and brush all of my hair out completely to make sure that there are no knots when I start the process.... Yes brushing takes the curls out, that is why I do this next step.

 I find that working with sopping wet hair is best, so I always soak it up by sticking it in the tub and getting it dripping wet.
 At this point, take a towel and hand dry it to where it isn't dripping so much or at all.
 All of these products here are what I use on my hair.  There may be better products out there, but these are what I use and they seem to do the job that I want done.  The order in which I put it in my hair is as follows:
  1. Curling Mousse-  I get a handful of this and scrunch it all over my head.
  2. Curl Shaping Spray Gel-  I just spray this all over my head making sure I get underneath also.
  3. Hi-Rise Root Booster- this get pumped at the roots all around my crown in various spots and massaged into my roots just a bit.
  4. Hair Spray- I do a quick layer of hair spray to help it hold while it dries and gets diffused.

 A diffuser is a must!  If you don't have one, get one!  My blow dryer literally burned up and smoked up my whole upstairs, so this is a brand new one and my first time using it was here.  I scrunch and dry and move around my head doing that.
 It is getting closer to being dried!
 This is what it looks like after being diffused and where most people stop thinking that this is what their hair is going to look like.  I wasn't ok with that, so I kept trying different things and this is what I found that I love the end result. (My hair here is pretty much entirely dry, but it is ever so slightly damp which helps in this next step.) 
 Take the hair that is on the crown of your head like shown above and....
 twist it very tight
 into a twisted bun and clip it with a claw like shown.  At this point, I will go and get my bed made, clean house, take care of whatever the girls are screaming about, etc. while it stays in this position a while and can take the shape on.... OR  I will do my hair first and during this step, get my makeup on and get dressed, but doing that here would have meant that you would all see me without my makeup and (gasp), I can't have my face plastered online looking like that ;-), so I waited to do my hair until after the makeup was on.
 After it has been in this bun for at least 30 minutes or longer, take your blow dryer and help the process along by getting it all dried up.  You can see here that I take the clip off to dry it.
 Here the bun is taken out and I will admit that I didn't wait long enough, but I was on a time crunch and needed to get it done.  so I mess my hair up like crazy and spray it..... but we still aren't done.
 Since I didn't get the bun completely dried, I had to use the blow dryer to get it all the way dry.  The downside of me rushing it and not getting it fully dry in the bun was the volume on the top of my head.  this is where I get so much volume from, so it is worth getting it dried in the bun as best as you can.  After it is fully dried, I use a 3/4-1" curling iron on it in sporadic spots around my whole head to blend with my own natural curl.
 The curl that I use is started at the root of the hair and wrapped around the barrel with my other hand.  In this picture, my other hand was taking the picture, so it isn't twisted all the way.  *Be cautious not to burn your fingers on this part.
 After it is all curled, I squirt some of this frizz control and run my hands over all of my hair to tame down the flyaways that us curly girls tend to get.
And here is the final result when everything is finished.  NOW, since I didn't wait the full time and didn't get the volume I usually do, here are some photos showing what it normally looks like after doing it properly.
The look can change depending on how much you use the curling iron.  The bottom picture has more curling iron curls on it where the top has just some with mostly my natural wave in it.
So there you go!  Hopefully I answered everyone's questions and that this whole process makes sense.  Let me know if you try it and if it worked for you.  I have very thick hair that is more on the courser side, so it may not work on all hair types.


  1. I do a lot of the same with my hair!! I go days without washing and brushing as well and those knots in the back are KILLER! But I brush my hair in the shower, while there's conditioner in it. That might help with the step of getting your hair wet again? Just a thought. :) I just keep my hair natural and try to get the biggest bang in the least amount of time. Great post and tutorial! I love it! :)

  2. Thanks Lindsi Jo! Can't wait to try it!

  3. Thanks for this! Now what do you do for 2nd/3rd day hair?! Please?!!!!

    1. I may have to do another post on the additional hair days, but the second day I usually just re-curl some of the hair with a curling iron, the same way I did on day 1, and then the third day I usually do an updo (messy bun or low side bun) or I put a hat on my hair. I really love hats and wear them often, and they are a great way to hide the 'flattened, getting greasy' top of the hair.

  4. rn't u worried abt damage using a hot curling iron, after u have "hairsprayed like mad?"

  5. At night, for sleeping, do you "pineapple" your hair?