Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Photo Shoot Necklace

     Who here loves FREE stuff?  I definitely do, and I am sure there isn't a soul out there who doesn't.  I was offered this fabulous necklace for free by a friend.  She had ordered this and they sent her the wrong one.  
     She had originally ordered a brown one and they sent her black, but they were letting her keep the black.  Knowing that I love to refashion and try new things, she sent me the black one.  Now..... I am fully aware that people are sitting there saying "that is gorgeous as is, why would you even touch that?"  Here is why.... I don't wear black!  If you want to learn why I don't wear black, click here or the link in the side bar.

     So, I pulled out my paints and got to work.  I first painted over the black sections very carefully with a brown metal acrylic paint.  I then very lightly painted the peacock blue color over the brown as to not get the blue in the creases.  
     Then, if you refer back to this post, I did the same technique on the whole necklace as I did the shoes.  Small dab of brown metal paint, a drop of water and a cotton rag.  I rubbed the blue sections as well as all of the gold so that it wouldn't be so shiny.....voila.  I now have my very own one-of-a-kind necklace that I love wearing and feel good in.

    You can see here in this picture that I chose to wear it and pair it with a chunky chain necklace over it to give it the substance I was going for.  I sure do love layering accessories and making things very unique to me and for them to suit me better.  The black and gold would have been gorgeous, but it isn't something that I would have felt comfortable wearing and that suited me.  By painting it the way I did, it has now become one of my favorite pieces that looks great with so many of my clothes.  What do you have in your closet that just isn't quite right on you?  Ever thought of how you can switch it up to work for you?  It is one of my favorite things to do to see how I can make something work better for myself.  I challenge you to try it if you haven't.


  1. That is an awesome necklace. Do you know where your friend ordered the original?

    1. She bought off of eBay from a China seller.

    2. She bought off of eBay from a China seller.