Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tan/Navy tank turned Red/Purple tank- Bleach and Dye

Something about me, I am not afraid to take risks.... at least in the smaller ways ;-)
 I had this shirt that I absolutely loved everything about it, except that I am not a fan of Navy.  Not to mention that the navy had kind of bled and created some funky looking blue marks all over the shirt.  The pattern on this shirt was perfect and funky, I absolutely LOVED the back weave pattern and of course was determined to find a way for me to absolute love EVERYTHING about it.... so I took a chance and I threw it in the washing machine on the soak cycle with about a 1/2 cup or so of bleach and decided to see what it would do.  Of course I got moving and forgot to snap a picture of the bleached look, but the navy was faded a bit and the tan sections were white.  The navy blue weave section turned a pinkish tan color.  As it turned out all bleached, it wasn't going to work, but I wasn't planning on stopping there.

After the bleach I created a dye bath in a Wine Rit dye.  With my background in art and design  (lots of color mixing in my background), I knew that the white section would turn red and the red mixed with navy would hopefully give me purple.  Which is exactly what it did!
 This is what it turned out to be!  The weave went red which is gorgeous and the shirt colors turned out perfect.
 I love this back which is the real reason why I love this shirt so much.
 The metal studs were originally silver and I took my Gold fingernail polish and turned them all to gold very carefully.
 I paired this top with a very stylish yet comfortable pair of shorts to take my girls to the park.  So with this great top, I was able to put together a great Mommy-on-the-go outfit that is comfortable and easy to move in, yet is way more stylish than a pair of work out clothes or lounge outfit.
 So, the before and after.

I took a chance and I ended up LOVING this one!
In a future post, I will go over the steps of dyeing and bleaching with pictures.  This was a project before the blog was created and I was lucky to have taken the pictures I did :-)

Take a chance, you may love what you come out with.

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