Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sharpie to Jean Stitching

     Have you ever had a pair of jeans and thought "I would really love these if the stitching wasn't so white?"  I doubt I am the only one out there that doesn't care all too much for WHITE stitching..... Well, some people may call me crazy, but I do have a way that I change all of my white stitching on my jeans......
      YEP, I use a Sharpie or a permanent marker!!!  I know many people out there wouldn't never care to take the time to do this, but it has made a big difference on a lot of pants.
     Out of order, but these are jeans that are all done with the marker coloring.  I like to use either copper, gold or brown.
      This shows what the before and after look like.  you can see that there is a BIG difference!  The top pair, I honestly wouldn't even wear them because I hated the white crowns so bad.  The reason I had them was because my husband really liked them on me.  After coloring the stitching and dipping them in a tan dirty dye, I actually really liked them!
      Another pair that you can see the process and what a difference it can make.
     I even did some coloring on the holey parts.  

It has been a few months since I have done these particular jeans and I will tell you this.  I have used actual Sharpies and I have used a cheaper brand of permanent marker and I liked the cheaper brand better.  The color has stayed longer through washes and the marker itself lasts longer during the process.  Like I mentioned though, it does fade.... my thinking though, faded gold or brown is still better than stark white.  So, it's your call, is it worth your time?  I actually did one of the pairs while on a road trip in the car!  I liked that I was accomplishing something while in the car ;-)

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  1. I would be terrified to do that in the car. I'd be so sure we'd hit a bump and I'd end up with a big Sharpie line across the butt or something! You're brave. ;)