Thursday, September 26, 2013

Braided Scarf Ring

Remember back in this post I showed how I wrapped a plastic scarf ring with a braided belt?  I showed it on my wrist in the last post, but I actually intended it to be a functional scarf ring.  This is one of those great pieces to add a little extra detail to your fall wardrobes and all of the scarves that you will be wearing.  Here are 3 pictures of different ways to tie a scarf using the a scarf ring, or you can use a bangle bracelet


 I only showed 3 different ways to tie it, but there are NUMEROUS ways and they don't all go around your neck.  I may show more in another post, but I only had time to do 3 quick ones today.
There is a reason that leopards is part of the name of the blog.... I love my leopard!  But I am loving the weather we are having so that I can get out all of my layers.  These boots I am wearing may be going through a bit of a refashion coming up here in a few weeks, they are a bit of a greyed-brown and I would like them to be a bit more rich.

How can you spruce up your scarves this fall and winter?  I am sure I will be showing LOTS of different ways to wear scarves as they are the most versatile piece you can have in your wardrobe and can add so much.  Are you getting the cooler weather your way yet?  This is my favorite time of year!  :-)

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