Monday, September 23, 2013

Plain Tan Skirt Criss-cross sewing

 I bought this plain tan skirt back quite a few years ago.
It was alright, but I didn't choose to wear it much.  I mainly wore it when I was pregnant because it was stretchy and comfortable to fit on the belly.  but during my last pregnancy, I got it stuck in a metal folding chair and got grease on it that stained.
 The mark wasn't that big, but it was enough for me to not feel comfortable to wear it, but I had an idea on how to save it.
The first step was to get rid of the bow.  I don't like bows, so I just tied some knots  down the ties and sewed them straight across to create a knotted looking belt..... some texture.

The next step was to create some texture in the body of the skirt and to hide the grease mark.  This particular skirt is sewn in sections, so I just worked within each section.  I just folded over and sewed right along the edge, creating a tiny seam.
 I created a criss-cross pattern but did not do any measuring of at all.
I made sure to create a seam over the grease mark so to hide it and not make it noticeable.  I continued all the way around the whole skirt sewing random criss-cross patterns and working in each individual section of the skirt.
This shows it more close up,
and here it is in an outfit.  The texture is so great now and I can actually see myself choosing to wear this now.  I paired it with a new jacket top I bought at the thrift store a few days ago, the cuff from my last post and my great leopard belt I bought from a friend.  Where I live, it has been feeling more and more like fall which means that the layers will be piling on (but I love).  Best time of year for me ;-)

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  1. This is fantastic! I love the outcome. There's so much texture!