Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jean Stitching Continued

Something that I want to do with every post, is show that item in an outfit.  This gives ideas as well as show that I really do wear these items in everyday life!  No one would know that I alter my stuff if I didn't point it out to them.  But I forgot to share an outfit on the post that showed sharpies to jean stitching. 
So here is a pair of jeans I purchased off of my local FB yard sale page for $8.  I almost didn't buy them because of the stitching, but once I tried the sharpie on these, I was hooked..... This pair I used the cheaper permanent marker & it works better than Sharpie.  You can see here, months later, that it is still holding it's color great!  My Sharpie ones have faded much more after washes.
I paired them with this fab shirt my friend sold me for a few dollars along with a clearance necklace from Forever 21 & my favorite ancient Old Navy wedges I got for $10 & have been a staple for years!  So as you can see, spent very little money for an outfit that I feel amazing in!

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