Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Denim Blazer Overhaul

12 years ago I got a job at the Nordstrom Rack.  The best perk of course was the fact that I could get my hands on some great clothes at a discount.  This jacket was one of those "have-to-have" pieces.
Remember, I said 12 years ago ;-)  I wore it a few times and lost the tie belt and never wore it again.  I couldn't really get myself to get rid of it, yet I quite despised the length, the sleeves and the color..... but I altered it to fit me like a glove.  So of course this summer I took to it finally.  I started off by cutting the bottom off like I did in this post, then the sleeves had to go.  I fold the jacket in half and used my straight edge and rotary cutters on all of it, making sure it was even on both sides.  Since I love raw edges, I just left them as they really were perfect for me.  The next step was to give it a dark dirty bath.  If I remember correctly, I used a tan, small amount of Sunshine orange and a small amount of dark brown.  The results were amazing.
It really is amazing how those few fairly simple steps completely transformed this piece.  It went from looking old and outdated, to very hip and stylish.

Here I show it with a big belt over and paired with my refashioned skirt.  I bought this skirt off of the FB Yard Sale page for a few dollars, but it was way too big and was a white and grey striped coloring.  Gave it a tan bath and while wearing the skirt inside out, pinned it down the front to get a perfect fit to my body and curves.

The result is a perfect edgy skirt that was pretty much made for me.  I adore this outfit and get compliments like crazy when I wear it all together.

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