Saturday, September 21, 2013

Leather Cuff Refashion

I bought this great leather cuff off of the Yard Sale page back last year for a $1.  
It had super shiny rhinestones & silver studs that I didn't care for, so I painted them with gold & brown acrylic paint.  The rhinestones still weren't working for me, so I took a skinny brown leather belt from a pair of my maternity pants & cut it up to cover up the rhinestones.
I figured the sizes I needed & just literally hot glued them all into place.
Just to let you know, I did use brown metal paint for the hardware & it has been chipping off through time, so fingernail polish would probably be a better option.
I had left over braided belt, so I wrapped it around a plastic ring that a scarf I purchased was hanging on, 
And created a bangle bracelet OR, I actually made it with a different intention in mind that I will cover in a different post ;-).  So from this free belt taken from some pants, I was able to create 2 different accessories that are unique & of course one-of-a-kind which is what I always aim for ;-). 

Look for another post in the near future that will show multiple pictures of what the braided ring was actually made for.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! 


  1. This is great! How did you secure the leather after wrapping it around the plastic scarf ring?

  2. I love this discussion of the structural logic of posting.
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